‘Edge of The Knife’ film screening with director Gwaai Edenshaw

Edge of The Knife

The Cube Cinema, Friday 20th March, 8pm

Here at Rainmaker Gallery we are looking forward to welcoming the first day of spring with a very special visitor. Gwaai Edenshaw, co-writer, co-director and art director of the multi award winning feature film ‘Edge of the Knife’, will be visiting Bristol for a one-off film screening and discussion.

Join us at The Cube Cinema on Friday 20th March, 8pm. Meet Gwaai Edenshaw and experience this extraordinarily wonderful movie for yourself. (Bring tissues – lots of them!)

Edge of the Knife is a story of survival and redemption, secrets and self‐discovery, set against the backdrop of the tangled rainforest and storm ravaged west coast of Haida Gwaii. Inspired by one of the Haida people’s most popular vital stories – the Gaagiixiid/Gaagiid (or Wildman) – this is a transformation tale with an uncertain ending.

“Through contemporary song and performance, and now through this first Haida feature film, the Gaagiixiid/Gaagiid story lives today in the hearts and minds of Haida, reminding us that we always live on the edge of the knife, at the edge of the world. ‘Edge of the Knife’ is both a timeless story and a contemporary allegory of our Haida Nation.”

‘Edge of The Knife’ is the first feature ever to be made in the endangered Haida language.