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Este-Mvskokvlke-Owis, self-portrait by Melinda Schwakhofer
BIRTHRIGHT - journeys of reconnection

15 September – 6 November 2021

This exhibition brings together two women artists from different backgrounds who share a common experience. It documents the ongoing journeys of cultural reconnection by painter Jasmine Coe (Wiradjuri & British) and textile artist Melinda Schwakhofer (Muscogee (Creek) & Austrian-American).

Both artists grew up geographically and culturally separated from their respective Indigenous families. Reaching out to their estranged communities has profoundly affected their creative expression. Through textile, painting and printmaking, art has provided a vehicle for cultural exploration, self-determination, self-realisation and a sense of belonging.

In a post-colonial world millions of people find themselves growing up at distance from their ancestral homelands. The lived experience of being separated from genetic heritage and cultures can sometimes be confusing or even invalidating. BIRTHRIGHT is dedicated to all people experiencing journeys of cultural disconnection or reconnection.

Made with Love

In addition to original art, at Rainmaker Gallery we carry an exclusive range of expertly hand-crafted Native American jewellery, Zuni fetish carvings and magnificent Pendleton blankets. All our items make unique and meaningful gifts to treasure for life and are available for you to purchase right here on the website.

Dragonfly earrings by Pat Pruitt

Native American Jewellery

Pendleton Blanket

Pendleton Blankets

Bear fetish carving

Zuni Fetish Carvings

Our Story

RAINMAKER Gallery was first established in Manchester in 1991 as a space for Native American Indian artists to represent themselves as unique and creative individuals with an artistic message relevant to us all…

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