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Jim Thorpe / Bright Path (detail) painted by Billy Hensley, Chickasaw.

21 June – 28 September 2019

This summer Rainmaker Gallery showcases the work of Chickasaw painter Billy Hensley. In Bright Path a, solo exhibition of acrylic paintings, Hensley honours two Native American trailblazers: Chickasaw actress and storyteller Te Ata and Olympic gold medalist Jim Thorpe. Prophetically, Thorpe’s Indian name Wa-Tho-Huk translates as ‘path lit by great flash of lightning’ or more simply Bright Path. Hensley interweaves images of these Indigenous icons with complex layerings of colour, texture and geometric patterns.

Bright Path is a visually rich exhibition that hints at countless inspirational lives of Indigenous people whose stories have been eclipsed by layers of colonial indifference and oppression.

Made with Love

In addition to original art, at Rainmaker Gallery we carry an exclusive range of expertly hand-crafted Native American jewellery, Zuni fetish carvings and magnificent Pendleton blankets. All our items make unique and meaningful gifts to treasure for life and are available for you to purchase right here on the website.

Repoussée cuff by Jennifer Medina

Native American Jewellery

Pendleton Saddle Blanket, Tucson red

Pendleton Blankets

Zuni Polar Bear fetish carving

Zuni Fetish Carvings

Our Story

RAINMAKER Gallery was first established in Manchester in 1991 as a space for Native American Indian artists to represent themselves as unique and creative individuals with an artistic message relevant to us all…

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