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Gwaai Edenshaw copper cuff
New this Autumn

At Rainmaker Gallery, September and October are the months when we love to show you a mix of work from lots of our favourite artists. On the walls this week are wonderful photographic portraits by Kali Spitzer, Shan Goshorn, Will Wilson and Zoe Urness, complemented by paintings from Tony Tiger, Marla Allison and two exciting new artists Phillip Vigil and Terran Last Gun.

Fresh in from the Pacific Northwest of Canada we have an impressive range of jewellery by Gwaai Edenshaw. Gwaai is a Haida carver, multi disciplinary artist and film maker whose Haida language movie ‘Edge Of The Knife’ has just premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival. His ‘Regalia Line’ of patinised copper and silver jewellery, as pictured above, features subtly embossed Haida design elements.

“What I am playing at there is sort of an aesthetic that I really love – the remnants of things that are in museums, or totem poles and buildings that have weathered over time. I find that to be a beautiful aesthetic.” Gwaai Edenshaw.

Made with Love

In addition to original art, at Rainmaker Gallery we carry an exclusive range of expertly hand-crafted Native American jewellery, Zuni fetish carvings and magnificent Pendleton blankets. All our items make unique and meaningful gifts to treasure for life and are available for you to purchase right here on the website.

Turquoise frog and pink mother pf pearl dragonfly Zuni fetish.

Zuni Fetish Carvings

Repoussée cuff by Jennifer Medina

Native American Jewellery

Pendleton banket

Pendleton Blankets

Our Story

RAINMAKER Gallery was first established in Manchester in 1991 as a space for Native American Indian artists to represent themselves as unique and creative individuals with an artistic message relevant to us all…

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