Native American Indian Jewellery

All our Native American and First Nations jewellery is unique and expertly hand-crafted by Indigenous artists and designers from tribes across USA and Canada. Cody Sanderson, Michael Roanhorse and Rodger Montoya from the Diné / Navajo Nation, the Chavez family and the Medina family from Kewa / Santo Domingo Pueblo, Joshua Concha and Annalisa Martinez from Taos Pueblo, James B Eustace and his son James A Eustace from Cochiti Pueblo, Anthony Honahnie from Hopi, Duran Gasper from Zuni, Pat Pruitt and Chris Pruitt from Laguna Pueblo, Gwaai Edenshaw from Haida Gwaii in the Pacific Northwest, Leah Mata from the Northern Chumash tribe of California and many, many more. We have worked directly with many of these jewellers and their families for almost thirty years.

Native American jewellery represents thousands of years of cultural evolution. The distinctive style of each jeweller is informed by the traditions of their tribes and their individual, contemporary life experiences. Uniquely formed from natural materials such as turquoise, coral and shell, imbued with meaning and symbolism, each piece becomes a cherished possession to pass down through generations, ever appreciating in value.

To find out more about the jewellery that we show, come along to our Bristol gallery and chat to our friendly and knowledgeable staff. Please get in touch if you cannot find what you are looking for on the website. We have even more to offer!

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