Tufa cast earrings by Tim Herrera

Tufa cast earrings by Tim Herrera


These spectacular, sterling silver, lightning design earrings are expertly handmade by Cochiti Pueblo jeweller Tim Herrera. They are made using a technique known as tufa casting. The earrings measure 8.5cm from the tops of the handmade ear wires to the tip of the earrings.

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Tufa cast earrings by Tim Herrera

These spectacular sterling silver earrings are expertly handmade by Cochiti Pueblo jeweller Tim Herrera using a technique known as tufa casting.

Tim Herrera

“I love working with my hands. I have learned to use them since I was very young and I value them greatly. I feel they are among my greatest assets. In my time on this earth I have done artwork in many forms including drawing, painting, ceramics and sculpture, although jewelry is my main focus. I am the son of a Cochiti Pueblo drum maker and also known for this traditional art form.

My inspirations are many; from my pueblo upbringing to my everyday life. I spend a lot of time outdoors being both an avid fisherman and a hunter. As in my traditional pueblo culture I find great inspiration in the natural world. Everything outdoors speaks to me, from the sounds and the fluid motion of a stream, to the wind blowing through the leaves of a tree. To the birds in the sky, the mammals that walk this earth and the fish in the waters, all of these find their way in to my works at times.

I am not a traditional jeweler for the most part, although some of my works are. I like to experiment with various styles and techniques and I am always pushing my limits to learn something new from each project I do. I am not afraid to fail, and I greatly attribute my successes to this, for even mistakes are not failures if I learn something good from the situation. I use traditional techniques such as overlay and tufa casting mostly while also having a love for cuttlebone casting. The cuttlebone casts keeps me connected to the water and I enjoy the excitement of each cast. I often know not what to make until after the pour is done. I use many different stones including turquoise and other natural materials such as coral, fossil ivory, shells and even wood at times.”