Save Rainmaker Gallery: Build a new home for Native art!

For over 30 years Rainmaker has been the only dedicated contemporary Native American art gallery in the UK and Europe but our future is under threat and we need your help now!

The gallery space that we have occupied for the past 15 years is under new ownership and we have to relocate. Although this forced closure was not of our choosing, we have in truth outgrown this space and this is our chance to find a premises befitting the world-class art and artists that we represent.

How you can help

Our business model is designed to bring longterm visibility to Native people rather than to generate excess profit. Although this move will be expensive, with your generous support, together we can give Indigenous art a PERMANENT home in the UK and continue our work.

Many of you have enjoyed the exhibitions and events that we have worked hard to offer free of charge for many years. Now is your chance to show your support for the work we do.

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Read, donate and share widely……no amount is too big or too small.

Be part of the next chapter of Rainmaker Gallery!

Thank you

Deep gratitude for your generous support which means our work can continue!