Symposium: Indigenous Art in Britain

Indigenous Art in Britain symposium

Learn about the presence and presentation of Native American and First Nations art in the UK directly from Native artists, curators and researchers at this one day symposium. Meet artists Marla Allison (Laguna Pueblo), Pat Pruitt (Laguna Pueblo and Chiricahua Apache), Sarah Sense (Chitimacha / Choctaw) and George Alexander (Muscogee (Creek)).  This unique event begins at Bristol University Department of Anthropology and Archaeology on Wednesday 6th June, and ends with the opening of our summer exhibition Marla Allison: Painter From The Desert at Rainmaker Gallery.

Marla Allison is our 2018 artist in residence. She will be in Bristol for one month from May 10th and will be the keynote speaker at the symposium.

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9:30 – 9:45 Introductory Remarks

9:45 – 11:15  Picturing Indigeneity: Historical Representations

Stephanie Pratt (Dakota and Anglo-American), Robbie Richardson (Mi’kmaq), Coll Thrush 11:15 –

11:30 Tea and coffee

11:30 – 13:00  Transnational Indigenous Art: An Artists’ Roundtable

George Alexander (Muscogee (Creek)), Marla Allison (Laguna Pueblo), Pat Pruitt (Laguna Pueblo and Chiricahua Apache), Sarah Sense (Chitimacha / Choctaw) CHAIR: Joanne Prince (Rainmaker Gallery)

13:00 – 14:15 Lunch

14:15 – 15:45  Curating and Exhibiting Native Art in Britain

Max Carocci, Joanne Prince, Louise Siddons

15:45 – 16:00 Tea and coffee

16:00 – 17:15  KEYNOTE: Marla Allison – ‘Continuing the Tradition of Creation’

18:00  EXHIBITION OPENING: ‘Marla Allison: Painter From the Desert’

This will take place at Rainmaker Gallery 123 Coldharbour Road, Westbury Park, Bristol BS6 7SN




  1. […] exhibition opens with a one day symposium ‘Indigenous Art in Britain‘ at Bristol University, followed by an artist reception at Rainmaker Gallery […]

    30th May 2018
  2. […] Marla’s work is currently on show at the Rainmaker Gallery in Bristol until 11 August, and the exhibition is part of Beyond the Spectacle, a multi-disciplinary research project studying and mapping Native North American presence in Britain. While in the UK, Marla has been artist-in-residence with the project and was the keynote speaker at a one-day symposium in June on Indigenous Art in Britain. […]

    10th July 2018

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