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Spring Exhibition


23rd March – 31st May 2017

This exhibition marks the 400th anniversary of the death of Pocahontas and celebrates all Native Women through a selection of powerful portraits by Indigenous artists.

“Native women, both past and present, have traditionally been respected and honoured within tribes not only for their roles as mothers and caregivers but also for their roles in positions of spiritual power, tribal relations, governance and even warfare. Indigenous women have been and are still today integral in advancing our culture, maintaining our traditions and strengthening our unity and resolve in the midst of great hardship.” Shan Goshorn

Read more about this exhibition here We Are Native Women

Made with Love

In addition to original art, at Rainmaker Gallery we also carry an exclusive range of expertly hand-crafted Native American jewellery, Zuni fetish carvings and magnificent Pendleton blankets all of which make unique and meaningful gifts to treasure for life and are available for you to purchase right here on the website.

Zuni Fetish standing bear, carved from picasso marble by Douglas Martza adorned with turquoise and an array of turquoise and coral beads

Zuni Fetish Carvings

Native American Indian bracelet jewellery link

Native American Jewellery

Pendleton blankets link

Pendleton Blankets

Our Story

RAINMAKER Gallery was first established in Manchester in 1991 as a space for Native American Indian artists to represent themselves as unique and creative individuals with an artistic message relevant to us all…

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